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We source the finest ingredients, period. No fillers, no artificial junk - just pure, science-backed nutrition to fuel your body


We collaborated with leading researchers and scientists to develop supplements meticulously designed to support your specific needs, whether you’re a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or a busy professional pushing your limits


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We go beyond the protein shake. We care about your well-being, wherever your day takes you. Our products support you at home, in the office, or during that intense workout.


President and co-owner of Gallo’s Elite, Syam Lafi, was the first to experience our vegan protein, courtesy of his father and co-owner, Carlos Lafi, and co-owner Omar Mazo. During his professional baseball career, Syam faced the challenge of finding a suitable breakfast to fuel his demanding training schedule in the scorching Miami sun or the gym with co-owner Jesus Gallo. The struggle was real—too much food weighed him down on the field, while other protein supplements upset his stomach. This dilemma left Syam often skipping breakfast, missing out on crucial nutrients essential for peak athletic performance.

Fortunately, Carlos, with his long standing connection to Omar, received the vegan protein and immediately thought of Syam. Omar suggested Syam try the product, confident that an unbiased review from an elite athlete would reveal its true efficacy. The vegan protein, enriched with shelled hemp and chia seeds for essential fats and amino acids, became a game-changer for Syam. It seamlessly integrated into his breakfast and pre-workout routine, sustaining him throughout his career, even during international travels where quality nutrition was a challenge.

Training under the renowned Jesus Gallo is no easy feat, as anyone who has experienced his workouts can attest. To reach maximum potential on the field in South Florida, Gallo is the go-to person. Syam, having trained with Gallo since he was 17, knew the discipline and dedication Gallo instilled in his athletes. Gallo's impressive clientele includes Venus Williams, Jorge Masvidal, Albert Pujols, Placido Polanco, David Ortiz, Felix Hernandez, Andrei Orlovsky, Ilia Toupuria, and Monica Puig. As a former martial artist ranking #3 for five years on the USA team, Gallo understands the demands of elite athleticism and the critical role of proper nutrition.

Impressed by the vegan protein's impact, Gallo wasted no time in joining forces with Gallo’s Elite to share this transformative product with the world. The foundation of our company was laid by the hands of Omar Mazo, the testing and contribution of Carlos and Syam Lafi, and the endorsement of world-class trainer Jesus Gallo. Gallo’s Elite is not just a business; it's a team of individuals dedicated to excellence, drawing on their personal experiences as performers, trainers, and scholars at the highest levels. With this unwavering commitment, Gallo’s Elite promises the highest quality supplements, enabling you to "Perform Like a Pro!"


We're a company built on dedication to quality and a genuine passion for your health. We meticulously craft our supplements to not only meet the highest standards, but to redefine what those standards are. We believe in clean performance and sustainable results